Hi. I’m Lianna.

Kinetic Reverie is my little home on the Internet. The two words together just flow so nicely. But what does it mean? I only wish I could make sense of it. “Kinetic” has something to do with movement… “Reverie” is like daydream, or an impractical thought. “The movement of daydreams”? Possibly. I think in my head, it’s a moniker along the lines of moving those daydreams into reality.

We all have goals and dreams. What are we doing to acheive them?

A little backstory on me: I was born and raised in California. I spent all of my life in California until I moved to Arizona in 2016. Life is nice out here. I can’t complain.

In this day and age, it’s normal to be an introverted extrovert. I, myself, describe myself as such. While I’m out and about, I am a happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine. When I’m at home, I take advantage of that alone time and soak it all up just for me.

I enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, camping, and triathlon. But with this hot Arizona weather, I have found myself enjoying my air conditioning a little bit more lately. Every once in a while, I’ll go enjoy a movie at the theater, or go for a drive to explore the new state that I call home.

My hope for this blog is to allow it to be a diary of my adventures as I take on this new life in a new light.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂