Sunday Self-Care: Picnic at the Lake

I’m doing a thing, guys. I’m pretty excited about it. I think it’ll help me get out a little bit more.

I spend a lot of time alone in my apartment. A lot of time alone. There’s my bed, there’s food. And I mean, why should I have to go out when I have the internet and Netflix? I became a hermit.

The hermit life is not healthy, as much as we want to convince ourselves it is.

Enter Sunday Self-Care. This is a fun little series that I want to start and share with you guys. At least one or two Sundays a month, I want to do an activity that will get me out of the house for about an hour or so. My training will not count, but in the near future when it starts back up, I’ll have to accommodate that when planning!

Anyway. So today’s plan was a picnic! The weather has been becoming more spring-like here in Arizona, and I thought with my starting a new job tomorrow, a picnic would be a great way to unwind and reflect.

I started getting my things together around 2pm or so. I didn’t want to go out too early, but also didn’t want to be out too late. (Though the sunsets at the lake are so beautiful!)

I originally wanted to go to the Scottsdale greenbelt, but at the last minute, I opted to go to Tempe Town Lake. Tempe Town Lake is one of my favorite places to go at any time of the day, and well into the evening. I love watching the airplanes coming in to land. There’s never a bad view along the waterfront.

Beautiful day at the Tempe Town Lake waterfront.

I packed up my Ogio lunch cooler with my picnic goodies. This included two small containers of fruit (raspberries and blueberries) and cheese, my bread for my tuna sandwich, and mason jar with lemon and strawberry infused water.

Tuna sandwich, cheese, and fruit for today’s picnic, spread on my Sand Cloud towel.
Strawberry-lemon infused water in a cute mason jar.

I found a nice little spot on the grass and unpacked my belongings. I plugged in my earphones and pulled up my Spotify playlist. I had a grand time just enjoying the music while munching on my lunch.

It was a starting to get a little breezy, as it usually does at the lake around 3pm. The sailboats came out to play!

Lots of sailboats this afternoon.

I spent most of my time just admiring my surroundings and taking everything in. The view at the lake never gets old, to be honest. I actually did ponder upon my life choices recently, since some of them have been questionable.

I thought about how tomorrow is the start of a familiar, yet new journey. I’m ready for this. I am so ready for tomorrow. Monday’s are already my favorite day of the week, but I have a great feeling that tomorrow will be extra special.

Overall, my first Sunday Self-Care adventure was a success in my books. I’ve already started noting down future adventures on my Trello board. I’m still trying to explore what Arizona has to offer, so the list will continually grow!

What are some of your favorite activities that get you out of the house? I’d love to read about them, so share in the comments!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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