Getting It Together

Well, hello there. Long time, yea?

I never really have any excuses for my absences. Sometimes, I just need to disconnect from everything and let life happen. Yes, life has been happening.

I spent the last few months kind of just “living it up.” I hit up the bars and casinos, I stayed out way past my usual bedtime of 10pm, and to be quite honest, haven’t been in my best “fit” life.

I mean, there was January… I committed to running a mile a day. I made it through all 31 days.

But then we hit February. Everything seemed to just really go downhill. I wasn’t on top of anything. I continued to my late night shenanigans, but really got off my fitness game. I ate out a little too much, and exercised about once a week, if I felt like it.

Alas, we are finally done with February and I am looking forward to the greatness that March is going to bring. Life is changing once again, and I’ve finally figured out what I really want out of 2019.

Let me take a moment to talk about this awesome application that helped me organize my life.

Have you heard of Trello? My job utilizes it for a lot of their project and order management. I decided to sign up for my own personal account and it is just a great way to manage things.

(I love it so much, I even downloaded the app to my phone!)

Basically, Trello is like an online list-making application. I love lists. I write and re-write my life lists all the time. I love the old school written lists, but Trello has opened up so many doors.

My lists are grouped under boards labeled, “Life Stuff,” “2019 Race Season,” and “Social Media.” I know that’s not much, but it was more than enough to get started.

Under these boards, I created lists to help simplify my tasks. I’ll jump into my “2019 Race Season” board for example…..

As you can see, I have two lists within my board. Trello’s interface is so simple, yet extremely functional.

Each race is it’s own “card,” and in each card, I can input details about it. You can also add checklists, or labels to really keep your tasks under control.

What I really enjoy about Trello is that you can simply drag and drop cards into other lists within the board. For example, whenever I decide to register for another race, I will drag that card from the “Race Wishlist” list to the “Registered Races” list.

I am sure there are many other great tools within the Trello application, but I am still exploring. If you want to learn more, Trello has a great “Trello 101” page that you can check out.

After feeling like a lost little lamb for the first two months of 2019, I’m am beyond excited to finally have some grapple on my life. I’m so glad that I was introduced to Trello, otherwise I’d continue to be somewhat of a mess. 😉

I have goals for the website (mainly just to post more often), and have actually managed to add a race season calendar to share with you guys. Feel free to check it out!

Otherwise, that’s all I have for you guys tonight. February is done. March, I’m ready for you!

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