The Unforeseen

As it’s nearing midnight, I just felt this sudden urge to post. I have nothing in particular to talk about and it seems like a lot has happened. In reality, life has been as routine as it could be.

But just recently, I hit one of the worst roadblocks I’ve ever experienced.

Back in August, I quit my call center job. I was feeling stagnant in my position, and also deflated that I did not get the training position I’d been working for. For about the last month until I quit, I was looking for other jobs.

I thought about what I wanted to do, and considered the dental field. I mean, I’d gone to dental assisting school last year, so why not try to use what I learned? Eventually, I’d found an office that was willing to take me with my minimal experience. Even better- I got hired as an orthodontic dental assistant! The orthodontic field itself was so interesting and much more hands on than general dentistry. I thought I was really blessed with the opportunity.

I learned as much as I could between September and October. However, on the Friday before Halloween, the unexpected came along: They said I wasn’t learning as quickly as they expected, and that this practice really wasn’t the best place to get started in the field. At this point, they presented me with two options: be demoted to sterile tech (and get paid a lot less) or leave the office.

I’m sure you can guess which option I went with.

The treatment coordinator and I kept the conversation as positive as we could. I would like to say that it was a mutual decision to end the partnership. It was extremely devastating, but it was for the best.

So, that kind of leaves me where I’m at right now. I’m not entirely unemployed- I work at the mall doing retail/sales. It’s fun, and I’m fortunate enough to work with such an awesome team. Hours are going to pick up with the holiday season coming.

However, it’s my “fun” job. I’m now back on the hunt for something full-time that can pay rent and bills and all that other “adult” stuff.

I’ve had some interviews, and have sent out a plethora of applications. I wouldn’t mind going back to a call center. If I could go back to my old call center, I totally would. But there are reasons why I cannot, and that’s a story for another time.

Other than the whole job debacle, I’ve been trying to keep my thoughts positive. Training has been going well, and I peaked at a 14-mile run and 55-mile ride… I have yet to hash out a 2000+ yard swim. Maybe I’ll do that sometime this week.

Race day is in one month and two days. The clock is ticking and I am feeling all sorts of emotions. Some days, I just feel overwhelmed and anxious that I just cry. Other days, I’m entirely “gung ho” and want to take over the world. I wonder if anyone else feels like they’re on this roller coaster when they train.

That pretty much brings you all up to speed with my life. I hope the next time around, I have some good news to deliver… *crosses fingers*

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