It’s Like a New Car

The moment you open that door, you breathe in that refreshing “new car smell.” There’s barely any miles on the odometer. You’ve got interiors with seams so crisp that you almost don’t want to crease them. And chances are, there’s probably some pretty sweet tech goodies somewhere in there, too.

It’s bittersweet, isn’t it? You’ve grown to love your old beater over the years, with miles of adventures on it. It was right there with you through all your struggles. It might’ve even struggled itself, but it never gave up on you. (Or so I’d hope.)

Then suddenly, you just feel the need for something new. Without hesitation, you jump right in, and now, you’re taking the off-ramp onto a new chapter.

It’s exciting and scary at the same time.


I’ve started back at square one numerous times throughout my life. I’ve found myself riding highs and hitting lows. I’ve completely lost sense of who I was and made some choices that I’m not proud of.

It has truly been a long year, and then some.

Up until my life took a 360-degree turn to nowhere, writing and vlogging were the two most utilized platforms for me to express myself. Since then, and until recently, I’d been struggling to find a different/new outlet. When I thought I’d found one, the piece didn’t fit into my puzzle.

I have people who have been a constant and positive force in my life. I’ve been able to lean on them when I needed to. But something was still missing.

That brings us here… To this blog. I’m familiar with blogging. I love writing. But this blog… It’s brand new, it’s fresh. It has no history of my life before the glass shattered. Tabula rasa.

This blog is my “new car.” And I am excited to bring you all along on my road trip through life.

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